Progesterone side effects

Progesterone side effects

Progesterone side effects exist but they are not so terrible. It is a steroid hormone. This hormone is naturally produced by the human body. A small amount of it is necessary to maintain ...

Citalopram side effects

Citalopram approved by FDA in 1998 is the antidepressant drug used to stimulate nerve cells because of depression and neurotransmitters dis-balance. This medicine is well tolerated ...
is truvia safe

Is Truvia safe

I decided to write an article about is Truvia safe, because i was very interesting in this natural sweetener. One month ago i didn’t know what exactly it is. I read about this sugar ...


Wakame is worst invasive species. It is a sea vegetable which is growing in Korea and Japan. It also has other names such as Miyeok and Undaria pinnatifida. In Japan and Korea Miyeok ...
arginine side effects

Arginine side effects

First let’s familiarize with this amino acid and then we will talk about Arginine side effects. It is assigned in natural amino acids. First time was extracted in 1886 from lupin ...
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