Carvedilol Side Effects

First we will talk a little bit about what exactly is Carvedilol and then we will talk about Carvedilol side effects.
This medicament belongs to beta-blockers. These drugs slow the heart rhythm and lowers blood pressure. A lasting high blood pressure complicates the heart and arteries functions. This phenomenon damages the brain, heart, kidneys. This can lead to heart and kidney failure, a stroke and heart attacks. This medicine is used to treat congestive heart failure and hypertension. It may be used  alone or together with other medications, which lower the blood pressure. You should tell your doctor if you are using any other medication. The interaction with this drug may be dangerous to your health.
Carvedilol side effects exist and may cause more or less serious problems to our health. Sometimes you may feel:



There may occur:
Joint pain.
Dry eyes.
Sexual problems.
These symptoms are not dangerous, if they are weak and random.
You must immediately go to the doctor, if you have any of these symptoms:

carvedilol side effects

carvedilol side effects

Slow heartbeats.
Chest pain and tightness.
Trouble breathing.
Dry cough.
Unusual weight changes.
Cold hands and feet.
Urinary incontinence.
Increased thirst.
Dry mouth.
Swelling in your face.
Skin rash.
Blistered skin.
One of the carvedilol side effects is disrupt attention concentration. This is important for people, who drive or who’s activity requires attention. It’s risky to drink alcohol, and to use products that contain it two hours before and after taking carvedilol. Alcohol makes an uptake of this drug too fast.
To overdose also can be dangerous. There may appear:
Blue nails.
Breath troubles.
Uneven heartbeats.
Convulsions and fainting.
The skipped or too small dose of this medication will make your condition worse. It would be the best to use this medicament by a schedule.
Patients with high blood pressure should use this medication all the time. Sometimes there may be any symptoms of high blood pressure and your well condition may be false.
This drug is also known as Eucardic, Carloc, Carvil. Comparing with other beta-blockers, Carvedilol side effects is the smallest, which make the symptoms of the heart failure worse. However, this fact isn’t supported by clinical trials.
There is a list of conditions, when treating with Carvedilol can be harmful:
Liver or kidney disease.
Heart block.
Slow heart rate.
A thyroid disorder.
Circulation problems.
There is no data, how this drug affects pregnancy and a baby. Inform your doctor about pregnancy and breastfeeding before taking this medicine.
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Carvedilol side effects

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