effexor side effects

Effexor side effects

This is my article about Effexor side effects. I write articles about different products and how they affects our body, our health etc. So lets begin our review about this antidepressant ...
warfarin side effects

Warfarin side effects

Warfarin side effects are muscles pain, dizziness, problems with breathing, unusual swelling, feeling of weakness and lots of more. Warfarin is a medicine used for prophylaxis  or ...
losartan side effects

Losartan side effects

Losartan side effects are muscle tissue, tenderness, weakness, muscle pain, fever, vomiting, dark urine, fainting, burning pain while urinating and many more. Losartan is a drug used ...
methadone side effects

Methadone side effects

Methadone is chemical synthetic opioid. In 1937 Germany scientists invented this chemical compound. This drug is equivalent to heroine or morphine. It is used to reduce chronicle pain. ...
Pravastatin side effects

Pravastatin side effects

First we will figure out what it is and after that we will write about Pravastatin side effects. Pravastatin or Pravachol is a medication used to lower cholesterol level in the blood ...
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