Digoxin Side Effects

Digoxin Side Effects

Digoxin side effects are dizziness, drowsiness, headache, loss of appetite and some other. This medicine is used to treat heart failure and heart arrhythmia and many other heart conditions. ...
carvedilol side effects

Carvedilol Side Effects

First we will talk a little bit about what exactly is Carvedilol and then we will talk about Carvedilol side effects. This medicament belongs to beta-blockers. These drugs slow the ...
cozaar side effects

Cozaar side effects

This is an oral medicine that is used tor treat the hypertension because it blockades angiotensin receptors. Cozaar side effects exist and we will talk about that in this topic. As ...
ambien side effects

Ambien side effects

This is an article about ambien side effects. I will mostly write about how it affects on our health. First all should know that this drug is used for treatment problems with sleeping ...
yasmin side effects

Yasmin side effects

This is article about Yasmin side effects.This drug is a type of oral contraception tablets that includes hormones ( not natural occurring ,as estrogen or progesterone, but their synthetic ...
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