Truvia vs Stevia

Truvia vs Stevia

Before we compare these two subjects we must get to know about them more. Because what we see is a lot of people don’t know what is Truvia and what is Stevia, which is better, which has more side effects and so on. Lets compare Truvia vs Stevia. We will write about these two subjects. First we will write about Stevia vs Truvia after that we will write about Stevia vs Truvia and then we will come to decision which is better.

Stevia vs Truvia

That you readers won’t confuse we will write information widely. It is a bush (herb, plant, shrub). Its full name is Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) researched by Spanish botanist and physician Petrus Jacobus Stevus (Pedro Jaime Esteve lived 1500-1556). From Esteve comes original Stevia name. There are about 240 species of this herb.  It came from South America, aaccurately from Paraguay. It was used to sweeten tea and beverages or eaten fresh. Of course people can use its leafs for the same purpose at any time. This herb is entire plant name and its components which of them are sweetest called Steviol glycosides. They are taken and purified from the bush (herb, plant, shrub) and added to some beverages and foods. Steviol glycoside taken from its leafs are also called Stevia sweeteners and they are:



Rebaudioside A ( Reb A)

Rebaudiside B

Rebaudiside  C

Rebaudiside D



Steviol Glycosides


Stevia Extract In The Raw

Sun Crystals


Like you see there are a lot of isolated and purified sweet glycosides from this shrub leafs.

Know lets write some information about Truvia vs Stevia.

truvia vs stevia

truvia vs stevia

truvia vs stevia

truvia vs stevia

Truvia vs Stevia

It is natural sweetener. It is sugar substitute produced by Cargill Company also it is used as food ingredient in production Sprite Green, All sport, Vitamin Water and some other products. Truvia made of erythritol and rebaudioside A. Erythritol has 95% kilocalories less than other carbohydrates and sugar (0.2 kilocalories per gram) but remains 200 times sweeter than sugar. Truvia made of 95% of rebaudioside A (Reb A).

Truvia vs Stevia

It is new product, lunched in 2008. There is little information about this product. There was some studies with animals of related chemicals and in few clinical studies show no side effects of Truvia.

From 1985 studies was guessed that Truvia can damage DNA, but in 2006 experimental studies on animals showed that rebaudioside A (Reb A) is not genotoxic. On 2012 there is no more evidence that Truvia can cause any other side effects in and on body.

Truvia vs Stevia

So, like you see Truvia is a product of Stevia. In all internet we didn’t find products exactly called Truvia. Lots of post writers just write post about what they even don’t know. Now then we wrote about Stevia and Truvia differences you, our readers, can imagine about these two objects and make a decision about them. If you read Truvia and Stevia specific articles you have known more about this our talked to analyze objects.

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