What is sucrose

What is sucrose

If you don’t know what is sucrose we will try to explain it to you our readers.
It is a sugar molecule consisting of glucose and fructose molecule. It are in all fruits and vegetables. It is a table sugar organic compound which sometimes called saccharose. It can be powder or granulated (crystal) forms with sweet taste. If you ask what is sucrose we will answer that it is main ingredient in most beverages and foods. It has a significant impact on health such as:
Dental cavities.
Insulin resistance and huge number of triglycerides which raise a risk to get atherosclerosis.

What is sucrose

Shape of its molecule let water to hold in stomach and intestines prior to assimilation water. It may lead to inhibited water assimilation in the digestive track resulting tumefaction, gas and diarrhea. To get energy body must metabolize sugar before it start to operate. This metabolic process slows the rate at which glucose and fructose molecule enters the bloodstream. It is obvious that the glycemic index of this compound is less than the glucose. Because it has lot of calories amount of unused ingredient will assimilate in the body or organs as fat and in the blood as triglyerides. What is sucrose ? It is compound avoidance is often recommended by health offers, because calorie-associated products lead to many disease. Today are a lot of sugar substitute which is not only without carbohydrates (in another words without calories) but even healthier to use than products with lot of carbohydrates. Product side effects strictly avoids sugar and recommend using of stevia products. Lets continue our question what is sucrose ?.

What is sucrose

what is sucrose
what is sucrose

Like other caloric products this product gives us energy but to get affected digestion process to the bloodstream need some time. As energy and flavor source, glucose, a vital component of Gleukos sports drink is more suitable part of its rapid absorption and gently sweet sports drinks taste.

What is Sucrose

Before the 18th century sugar was luxury. It became widely popular and necessary in food production in 19th century. This food ingredient was the main economic and social change at that time. Now sugar became quit inexpensive and quite often used in manufacture of beverages and food. Now we don’t imagine how to live without sweet tasted cuisine and flavored drinks such as biscuits, cookies, pies, cakes, ice cream, candy’s, pepsi, cocacola and other junk foods. What is sucrose – this substitute fructose component is twice sweeter than glucose that’s why products with this are sweeter than others which are with other sweeters.

What is sucrose

Exceeded the rate of its usage can lead to many health problems like:
Insulin resistance.
Obesity (from 1971 year it increased almost three times from 12.1% to 34.0%).
High blood pressure.
Yeast infections.
Hardening of the arteries (cholesterol and fat form plaques in the walls of arteries).
Tooth decay (it is than bacteria called Streptococcus mutans from any sugars like glucose, fructose, lactose make them into lactic acid which with high concentrations are destroying tooth surfaces).
Elevated triglycerides (to much triglycerides raise risk of heart problems).
Hypoglycemia (it raises glucose in blood and then it supply the brain resulting deterioration of function called neuroglycopenia).
Inflammatory bowel disease (it leads to bloody diarrhea and pain of stomach).

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